Fitness: Can Be an Important Mood Booster


Stress has become part of our everyday lives as everything around us has become more complicated. Whether you just got fired, can’t close a deal with an irate client or simply cannot make your three year old son take a bath, you have already subjected yourself to stress.

 Once you give in to a momentary fit of emotional flare, you have already stressed yourself out. So what happens after you make yourself feel anxious? A lot, actually, I tell you.

 If you are suffering from high blood pressure, stress could actually worsen your situation and if not taken care of might lead to stroke. If you already have a heart condition, a little or huge amount of anxiety could make matters worse.

 There are numerous studies claiming that there is a causal connection between stress and cancer. They state  that all of us have cancer cells and these cells might be activated by stress.

 Stress may be a mere five letter word but its effects could run up to a thousand paragraphs of never-ending novel. That’s why it is important that we should manage our stress levels well. How? Well, aside from the anti-stress pills available in the market, you can always resort to exercise.

 According to researches, a workout at the gym or a brisk thirty minute walk can help you calm down. Ever heard of the saying, “Best thoughts are conceived while walking”? This is bolstered by the fact that physical activity actually stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feel happier and more tranquil than you were before you worked out which eventually help you think clearly and rationally.

 You will also look better and feel healthier when you exercise on a regular basis  which can enhance your buoyancy and improve your sense of worth. Regular physical activity can even help prevent depression.

Constant physical activity can also help you avert or control high blood pressure. It increases high-density lipoprotein or “good” cholesterol while lessening triglycerides. This one-two knock keeps your blood flowing easily by lowering the upsurge of plaques in your arteries.

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