The Meaning of a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

The Meaning of a Healthy Lifestyle  Obesity heart disease, high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes and cancer – these are just a few of the medical conditions associated with an imbalanced diet and improper exercise. Some weight loss programs are designed to help eliminate the undesirable effect of having excessive fat in the body. Undesirable formation of fats in the body is connected with other factors including environment and lifestyle. Smart choice of food and proper exercise are still the best way to help prevent the build-up of fats. Another reason is free radicals that greatly affect the building blocks of the body parts. Cells are damaged with an improper diet creating adverse health effects and causing serious medical conditions. Technology including the Internet can provides useful information on factors which can  help mankind and prevent  the causes of life deterioration.

Having a healthy lifestyle is basic. But what is a healthy lifestyle?  The phrase is hard to define and understanding  the different factors is of great importance! A Healthy lifestyle means the wholeness of a person physically and emotionally. As part of it, the important role of proper diet and exercise are recognized. Strong immune systems, being enthusiastic and free from illnesses are the perfect state. Good body physique and firm muscles contribute to the physical attributes of a person. Being happy and alert completes the list of emotional attributes. Another part of healthy lifestyle includes a contented soul. Having all these features will help one maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle means smart food choices.  Healthy lifestyle is always related with a balanced diet which also means smart choice of food. It takes some time to distinguish the best nutrients the body needs. Articles about wellness give useful information but always keep in mind that moderation in any food intake  will have a  desirable effect. Maintaining a proper diet is always at the root of  good health.

The body needs energy this is the reason people need to eat every day. Foods provide nutrients that are used by the body to function well. Aside from the fact that these foods are good source of energy, it helps remove body wastes. Some food have detoxifying effects which eliminates body wastes. Food is important for life sustenance. Eating  a regular breakfast, lunch and dinner helps the body to function properly.

Healthy lifestyle includes some physical activities. Many sport activities and exercise are aavailable. There are gym instructors who monitor the activity of client with the help of machines. Calories are important but too many are not good for the body. Healthy lifestyle includes the practise of these activities to prevent one from putting  their spare time into smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages excessively. Considering other healthy activities is also good for  socialization. Exercise helps the heart to beat normally and helps the normal circulation of blood in the body. Other great ideas include walking, swimming, jogging and dancing. These activities promote healthy lifestyle.

A Healthy lifestyle touches also the spiritual needs of man. It is the food of the soul. Having optimistic views will definitely help one to cope with stress. Emotional stress adversely affects the wellness. It can cause us to forget about choosing the right foods and doing an exercise. Too much stress can affect the health because it is the cause of sleepless nights and depression. The central nervous system is badly affected by stress. Meditation and relaxation helps the spirit to be uplifted and this is the best way to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Improving and Maintaining Physical Fitness

 A healthy body is acquired through a healthy lifestyle. There is much to consider when we talk about a healthy lifestyle. The food you eat, the activities you take part in, the stress or joy in your life are some of the many things to consider when fitness and a healthy lifestyle is the subject under review.

20120409-OSEC-RBN-4328“Improving or maintaining physical fitness appears to help obese and overweight children reach a healthy weight, reports a new study from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. Researchers analyzed four years of data from in-school fitness tests and body mass index (BMI) measurements of students in grades 1-7 in the city of Cambridge, Mass.

In the study published online by the journal Obesity, Sacheck and colleagues examined the association between weight status and fitness levels by assessing student performance on five fitness tests. Regardless of their weight, students were classified as “fit” if they passed all five tests and “underfit” if they failed one or more tests.

The assessments taken between 2004 and 2007 coincided with a city-wide weight and fitness intervention that prompted improvements to gymnasiums, promotion of physical activities outside of school, professional development for physical education teachers and issuing “Health and Fitness report cards” to parents. The 2,793 students in the study participated in bi-weekly school gym classes plus a daily recess, and annual assessments of their BMI and physical fitness.

Of the 1,069 students who were initially obese or overweight, 17% achieved a healthy weight within the one to four year study period compared with 6.3% of students who began the study at a healthy weight and became obese or overweight,” said Jennifer M. Sacheck, Ph.D., senior author and an assistant professor at the Friedman School. “It is encouraging to see any kind of reversal in unhealthy weight patterns, considering Centers for Disease Control statistics indicate child and adolescent obesity rates rose approximately 13% between 1980 and 2008.”

Within the four-year study period, 27% of the 1,882 students who were underfit at baseline became fit.

Obese and overweight girls who achieved fitness were almost five times as likely, and obese and overweight boys were two and a half times as likely, to reach a healthy weight than those who stayed underfit,” said first author Adela Hruby, a Ph.D. candidate at the Friedman School. “It turns out that maintaining fitness is beneficial, too. We observed that obese and overweight girls and boys who both started and ended the study being fit were more likely to have a healthy weight by the end of the study.”

Staying fit also benefitted healthy weight boys and girls; they were more likely to maintain their weight than those students who declined from fit to underfit over the course of the study.

Maintaining or achieving a healthy weight appeared to be most closely associated with cardiorespiratory fitness, which was assessed by the students’ performance in a 20-yard shuttle run (a 6-minute, back-and-forth run between two markers). Incremental improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness was associated with achieving a healthy weight in children who were obese or overweight at baseline and with weight maintenance in healthy weight students who were fit at baseline.

Sacheck noted additional research is needed to explain the current results. “Because ours is an observational study using just annual measures, it is unclear whether students who became fit did so before they lost weight or whether they lost weight before they became fit,” she said. “Long-term intervention trials that assess both fitness and nutrition could provide more data to determine the role of improved fitness in weight loss.”…More at Overweight Boys And Girls Benefit From Being Fit According To In-School Tests

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 Make it a life goal to obtain a healthier outlook on life which will undoubtedly lead to a healthier you, if you are determined to reach a better state of health, making it a reality will be so much easier.

Fitness in Two Easy Steps

The growing number of obese all over the world is alarming. Factors involve in having this medical condition normally have excessive fats in the body. This condition is also linked to other conditions such as shortness in breathing, unusual heart beating and accumulation of fat in the body. The market is full of articles explaining and offering products on weight lose programs. Losing weight may be impossible when you are just reading them. Application is needed to let those fats be scrapped away. Losing weight must be fun and it must not only be just removing those fats. It is more important to remove the unwanted fats forever. It is not only good while losing those extra pounds but it must be used after you have gained the desirable weight. It is necessary to do it when everything seems fine. Searching the best product that can help you lose weight will be frustrating but because of the in-depth studies on the work of the processes in the body, more and more are educated about these processes. Information is dissemination is still the best way to fight this growing number of obesity cases.

  1. Be Smart. Choose the best diet plan that works for you. The metabolic process of the body differs from one person to another. Fats are the waste from the excess foods we eat. It can be eaten as proteins or vitamins and minerals good to the body. When these nutrients become waste in the body, it stays there and forms the unwanted bulges. It is not necessarily that they are fats before they are taken to the body but they can be other forms of food in any group of nutrients. Diet plans help on to choose the healthy foods that even eaten excessively will be eliminated from the body faster. It prevents the cause of constipation and the flow of extricating the body wastes will be faster. In this way, the nutrients will not be staying for long in the body or form into fats in any ways. Other resort to the help of diet pills because they are used for burning fats faster. Some can be used as fat burners, binders or appetite suppressant, the main goal is to get an instant fat eliminator. It is very important to have a balance diet when getting the aid of these works of science.
  2. Move. Sweating is a sign that the excess fats in the body are eliminated. The body needs heat to burn fats faster. Heat will not only give us comfort when we are cold but it is important in making the body fit. One of the reasons the body needed physical activities is to have the heat inside of the body and help the excess fats to be burned. The other toxins will be eliminated in the body eating fruits that have antioxidant properties. Physical activities will definitely help burn those unwanted bulges in the body. It is very important to consider the adjustments you will need to experience during the first week of work out. It is nice to start with crunches and sit ups to prevent the unwanted pains. The body will be able to adjust from the not so active body that you have before.

These two are very important part of getting that fit body. Fitness is a very wide topic that it has different branches. The best way to start is to get that good information that you need to melt those extra fats in your body.

Fitness: Can Be an Important Mood Booster


Stress has become part of our everyday lives as everything around us has become more complicated. Whether you just got fired, can’t close a deal with an irate client or simply cannot make your three year old son take a bath, you have already subjected yourself to stress.

 Once you give in to a momentary fit of emotional flare, you have already stressed yourself out. So what happens after you make yourself feel anxious? A lot, actually, I tell you.

 If you are suffering from high blood pressure, stress could actually worsen your situation and if not taken care of might lead to stroke. If you already have a heart condition, a little or huge amount of anxiety could make matters worse.

 There are numerous studies claiming that there is a causal connection between stress and cancer. They state  that all of us have cancer cells and these cells might be activated by stress.

 Stress may be a mere five letter word but its effects could run up to a thousand paragraphs of never-ending novel. That’s why it is important that we should manage our stress levels well. How? Well, aside from the anti-stress pills available in the market, you can always resort to exercise.

 According to researches, a workout at the gym or a brisk thirty minute walk can help you calm down. Ever heard of the saying, “Best thoughts are conceived while walking”? This is bolstered by the fact that physical activity actually stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feel happier and more tranquil than you were before you worked out which eventually help you think clearly and rationally.

 You will also look better and feel healthier when you exercise on a regular basis  which can enhance your buoyancy and improve your sense of worth. Regular physical activity can even help prevent depression.

Constant physical activity can also help you avert or control high blood pressure. It increases high-density lipoprotein or “good” cholesterol while lessening triglycerides. This one-two knock keeps your blood flowing easily by lowering the upsurge of plaques in your arteries.

Tone Strengthen and Flatten the Abdominal Area

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Ab workouts are usually the type of exercise that take a lot of time, dedication, and effort.

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Getting the perfect abs takes training – real training that will entail you sculpting your muscles to the way that you want them.

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Easy-to-Do Exercises for Overweight People

Enrolling in an exercise program or doing at-home workouts is best for overweight people. These help them lose weight, if these programs are aided with proper, healthy and wise diet.

 However, performing physical exercises may not your cup of tea. It is something that you find unworthy of your time. You’d rather watch TV, surf the Internet or munch on your favorite junk food. But, with the way people treat you, as well as with the limitations to your movements and the hardships you experience looking for clothes that will fit you, you know it is high time.

 But, of course, there are apprehensions on your part because you have no idea of what you will be into. You fear that because you are too heavy, you will not be able to do such activities. You are also anxious about the amount of time you will spend in a gym. You think it is strenuous. More so, you are not aware of how to start things.

 What you need to do first is to consult a doctor. It is very important to know if you are allowed to do any type of work out or if you will have some limitations. Remember, if you are dealing with health problems already, a number of physical exercises may not work for you.

 Right after getting an approval from the physician, go to the gym of your choice or hire a personal trainer. Make sure that you discuss with a personal trainer the exercise program that will be specifically designed for you because of your condition. However, if you wish to do things on your own, you can start with less strenuous workout at home like seated exercises. By doing a mixture of arm and leg exercises, you are addressing two things: strength and muscle. They especially work for people with limited mobility or need to improve their balance.

 Walking can also be considered and is highly recommended for overweight people (except for those that have no knee or joint problems). In fact, it is the simplest exercise for you. Make it a daily habit for 30 minutes. Try to walk slowly. It helps you burn more calories. Do not to be affected, though, when some people tease you along the way. Keep your focus.

 Swimming is also a good way to lose weight. Because it provides less strain, it is fitted for people who have joint problems. If these are not enough for you, buy CDs that offer video exercises specific to your needs.

 Working out at home is a good start. You will spend less or nothing at all. But, if you think you have already developed your vigour, as well as your willpower, be ready to take a step higher. It is now time to build a partnership with a personal trainer. Remember, they are professional in this field; hence, they know how to perfectly address all your weight-loss concerns.

 Patience is very important when trying to lose those extra pounds, particularly if you are overweight. Nothing will come out in so short a time. It is necessary to take things one step at a time. As time passes by, you will realize that you have made a good decision of changing your lifestyle from sedentary to healthy. It offers you reward more than you can imagine.

The Basic Principles of Weight Loss

Finally, you have decided to start trimming down your excess fats. Congratulations! All you have to do now is to analyze whether you are fully ready to commit into this decision because quitting in the middle of your weight loss journey is never the right thing to do.

Like any other courses or subjects in school, everything here on earth lies on some fundamental principles which will guide you throughout the entire duration of the plan. In losing weight, it is not the details that matters but it is the principle that counts.

One of the principles of weight lose is about balance. In almost all of the diets or weight loss programs available out there, balance should be maintained. In whatever you eat, what you do for a physical activity, balance should be the focus. In the food you eat, for example, never focus on vegetable only, try to incorporate some of the low calorie meat or fish products so that balance is achieved in terms of nutrients and minerals the body absorbs. Weight loss program is not balanced if you don’t incorporate a healthy diet. Exercise, with no proper and healthy diet leads you to another gain weight afterwards. This is because you will eat more calories than the body is able to burn even if you do physical activities.

Another principle is the calorie intake timing. Did you know that every time you skip breakfast, you increase your chances of gaining weight? This is because when you have not eaten your breakfast, there is a high chance for you to feed your body with more calories in the remaining meals, later in the afternoon.

So many calories in the afternoon or at night will just be deposited as fat and will not be burnt by the body. Most of the chores or the activities are rampant in the morning, so it is safe to eat a full breakfast since the body will be capable of burning all the foods consumed during breakfast. Another good timing is eating smaller meals frequently of about five to six times a day. With the proper nutrient timing you will not be mistaken on how much and how often you will take food. This is a secret to a healthy body.

Self monitoring is another principle of weight loss. Like a business, constant monitoring of sales is needed for you to reach the target sales whether monthly or quarterly. For food intake and exercise done, record it so that you will have a basis of the foods you eat and the exercise you perform. Also, don’t forget to jot down your body weight weekly so that you know when you are losing weight or not. Monitoring will be a powerful tool which will keep you on track of your achievements in your losing weight goal.

Being consistent is another principle. Consistency and order will make you lose weight. Why? This is because when you consistently do your plans in losing weight, then you will also be consistent in your trimming down of fats. Continue what you do in your plans and you will have a greater chance of improving your overall health in the long term.

The most important principle for me is motivation. In every goal, if you lack motivation, success will not be given to you. be motivated in every diet you eat and in every exercise you do and you will surely be awarded a healthy and fit body.

6 Useful Tips for Boosting Metabolism

A slow metabolism is usually attributed to weight gain for with it the body tends to store more fat. Metabolism is a process where the body turn the calories of food into energy faster or slower so as to fuel the whole body. How you eat and what you eat are the factors that can affect the rate of your metabolism.

Here are few helpful tips on how to boost your metabolism and keep healthy even without going to the gym:

  • Eat more often. Eating several small snacks a day increases your metabolism rate than just eating three main meals. The process of chewing and digesting food in itself is going to burn calories. So, the more often you eat, the more often you burn calories. Long intervals of not eating or always eating low-calorie foods can make your body sense that it’s starving. As a result, the metabolism is automatically slowed down to conserve calories. Furthermore, eating every now and then will prevent you from thinking you are hungry thus avoiding the temptation of feeding just any of your cravings. But a snack doesn’t mean junk food or sweets. It has to be composed of healthy foods like fruits, nuts, veggies or whole grains. Consuming more protein can also help in making you feel full for long aside from taking more calories to be absorbed. Remember, depriving yourself of food is just going to slow down metabolism even more.
  • Exercise every chance you get. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the treadmill everytime you’re on the phone or carry weights when no one’s looking. It doesn’t have to be hours-long and strenous. The frequency is more important. The simple act of walking every now and then or stretching your arms and legs discreetly several times a day can actually help in boosting metabolism greatly. Anything to avoid the idleness of sitting still in front of your desk. Even at home, you can turn your cleaning chores into great exercise routines, too.
  • Keep away from sweets. Refined sugar is a common ingredient of anything unhealthy. It is a substance that can make your body store more fat. So, better avoid consuming sweets.
  • Never skip breakfast. It is a must to eat something healthy right after you wake up because your body has not received food from the past eight hours of sleep. So, don’t wait for afternoon before you eat something. The truth is, you will have more lean muscles by eating breakfast because calories can be turned into muscles right away. This is because during the early morning hours, the body’s hormone that utilizes calories for muscle-building is in its highest level.
  • Sleep well. You must realize that lack of sleep greatly affects the production of  hormones that influence your appetite. The people who are spending sleepless nights are more likely to overeat or consume unhealthy foods due to stress. In addition, if the body gets enough rest, it can function more efficiently.
  • Keep a bottle of water handy. It is highly important to drink water as most of the processes in the body involves this liquid. Water also helps in washing out toxins resulting from the burning of fat. Consuming the right amount of water can work wonders in your overall health. On the other hand, lack of water affects the effeciency of your bodily functions.



Five Easy Steps towards a Healthy and Happy Life

Obesity is one of the fast growing health concerns all over the world. It doesn’t only include accumulation of fats and having huge physique. It also causes serious health problems like low social status due to low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. More studies are conducted to find the best ways of eliminating obesity for it already is causing some medical concerns as more serious health disorders are associated to this body condition. Good health is still the most important thing to achieve in order to avoid any medical problems. Here’s 5 easy steps you can follow to achieve a healthier and happier life.

1. Balance diet

We all need food for sustenance. Some people eat more believing that it can give more energy for them to complete a hectic day. It is very essential to include nutritious foods in your diet so as to eliminate causes of obesity. At times people have food cravings such as cravings on ice cream, cakes or chocolates. These foods are not that bad as long as they are taken with moderation. These foods have high sugar content which is not good for the body for if the sugar will not be burned it will eventually turn into fats. It will be deposited in the body for long period of time. When that comes, there is a great need for more activities that help burn fats.

2. Proper exercise

Extensive exercise is also very important for the body. You may start by choosing simple routine like twenty to thirty minutes of exercise. It can be a simple routine inside our homes with the aid of machines that are usually from the gym. Brisk walking and jogging every morning are also great exercises for the body and are the simplest ways to eradicate fats. People’s busy lifestyle is one of the reasons why they don’t have enough time for regular exercise. As much as possible, allot a regular time each day for some simple routines. It can be either be dancing or simple aerobics. These are few exercises you can do to avoid obesity.

3. More water

Some health conscious people rely on water therapy. As you all know, people need water to hydrate. It also helps the body remove body wastes and helps the body system to work properly and smoothly. The ideal water intake is six to eight glasses each day. It may not have any nutrition but it is needed to ensure that the body works at its best. Water is primarily used as a detoxifying agent that removes body wastes.

4. Discipline

This is principally needed to have a healthy lifestyle. It is definitely easy to say “no to unhealthy foods” yet these foods are just too irresistible. Thus, discipline is greatly needed. Discipline is also a must in religiously following the allocated time for your exercise. It may sound hard at first but constant practice will eventually make it perfect.


5. Healthy Lifestyle

Nutritious food and proper exercise are inseparable partners towards acquiring a healthier lifestyle. There are actually delicious foods that help fight obesity. One more thing to live by is having a positive outlook in life. As being healthy means forgetting those insecurities caused by some unwanted experience that often lead to a huge figure.

It is absolutely essential to take all these necessary steps in order to have a healthy body not only for one’s self but also for the good of your whole family.


Health and Fitness: Create Your Own Motivation Tips

Who would want to look fat, flabby, unhealthy, and overweight?  Probably, nobody wanted to become out of shape.  Perhaps, everybody wanted to become fit and healthy. They even wanted to incorporate fitness workout on daily schedule.  Yet, these are all plans, which remain as it is because no actions were actually done. 

Take a look in these sample situations.  One morning, a man asked his friend, “Hey buddy, did you run today?”  The friend answered back, “Yes, in bed!”  Another case might be like this.  A lady encouraged her friend, “Hey girl, let’s go, head up to the gym.”  The girl replied, “Oh, sorry, but I’ll pass. I got something to do.”  These are some excuses that are common to people who wanted to be fit yet too lazy to start an action.  In reality, the problem lies on motivation to keep going with the fitness plans. 

            To keep going with any fitness plans, be it as simple as jogging every morning or a 20-minute brisk walking, motivation is the best way.  Here are some fitness motivation tips to try.

  1. Setting goals. Before making any fitness plans, it is important to set goals.  Write it down in bold letters and paste somewhere where you can see it as often as possible.  Make your goal simple such as losing 5 pounds in a month or losing an inch in waistline for about a month.  Then, below it write the long term goal such as to lose 20 pounds.
  2. Make a schedule. Daily schedule is better than weekly schedule because it is more specific and detailed.  Plan ahead your schedule, its time, and place.  Likewise, provide an allowance for travelling and changing clothes.  Also, include the routine exercises for the day say 20 repetition of leg presses or 10 sets of weights training.
  3. Create a workout log. Making a logbook to write down the fitness routine for the day is a great help.  It serves as evaluation tools to improve on every work out routine. Work out log must contain the details regarding routines such as time, number of sets, and remarks.
  4. Select the best place. Depending on the workout routine, it is important to select the best place where you can perform it such as gym, aerobics class, or park.  In choosing the best gym, it is necessary to pay it a visit to identify its services and to examine the workability of its equipment as well.
  5. Use specific workout clothes.  It is important to have a specific work out clothes.  In buying clothes, it is necessary to buy clothes you are comfortable to wear.  If you are not used to wear sleeveless, then don’t wear it.  Look for their quality of clothes.  Working out needs freedom of movement, thus, workout clothes should stand the pressure.  If you usually wear bright colored shirts, then choose bright colored workout clothes as well. 
  6. Complete work out gear. It is necessary to have complete workout gear, not just for the sake of it, but for the safety of working out.  Invest in a good quality shoes to protect the feet.  Depending on the routine, buy knee caps and elbow caps if you are into running.  Also, invest in good hand gloves if you are doing weight trainings.  Similarly, invest in good goggles and suit if you are swimming.

            Fitness motivation tips are important to keep going with any fitness plans.  IT avoids any reasons not to take actions.